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Volume 2 – Issue 2

Research article

Self-Care Against in Public University

Cruz García Lirios*, Felipe de Jesús Vilchis Mora

Research article

Acute Chest Syndrome and Coronavirus Disease May be Genetically Determined Exaggerated Immune Response Syndromes in Capillaries All over the Body

Mehmet Rami Helvaci*, Saziye Cayir, Hulya Halici, Alper Sevinc, Celaletdin Camci, Huseyin Sencan, Ramazan Davran, Abdulrazak Abyad, Lesley Pocock

Case Report

TCF3 Haploinsufficiency in a Patient with Intractable Psoriasis and Immunodeficiency

Louis Deschênes*, Isabelle Auger, Marie Lee Simard, Jean Nicolas Boursiquot and Aubert Lavoie

Short communication