Associate Editor Guidelines

  • Associate Editor is a member of editorial board, who is responsible in reviewing the manuscripts.
  • The manuscript will be sent to Associate Editor to check the plagiarism and quality.
  • The statistics and results of the article play a major role in a research study, they can be reviewed by Associate Editor.
  • Associate Editors should be expertise in the subject and the respective subject should be his/her research interest.
  • Associate Editors must have experience in publishing.
  • We request the Associate Editors to consider reviewing the manuscripts as one of their primary duties in their feasible time.
  • Editors can suggest other reviewers for journal improvement.


  • Up-to-date information about the subject by reviewing the different research studies.
  • Associate Editors can also advise the journal policy and scope.
  • We will provide certification for handling the specific journal.
  • Recommend the topics for the journal’s special issue.
  • By adding the position as Associate Editor of a journal gives a good impact for the Academic Biography.
  • By adding your biography at journal website, it links to other professionals of same research interest which may be an advantage of any research or academic collaborations.
  • The publication fee for the editorial board is negotiable for non-funding inst.