1. What happens if the manuscript sent was not related to the journal topic?

Our Associate Managing Editor will check the complete article to decide whether it is related or not. If it is not related, they will forward to respective journal (if it is present in our publication journal list) suitable for your manuscript including contacting details. So,that the suitable journal team will contact you regarding further process.

2. How do you choose Editors/Reviewers?

Editors/Reviewers can be chosen based on the Qualification, Academic position at University, Respective research interest, Experience in subject, Publications and Research history.

3. How long do we take to publish a manuscript?

As the final decision is taken by Editor, there is no standard time for publishing. It can be varied based on the type of the article also. So, it may take 10-16 days to publish a short note/case report/case series and 20-25 days for research/review/any other article.

4. Is their any limit for manuscripts sending?

There is no limit in sending manuscripts for the researcher/authors. We can accept and publish as many as possible quality manuscripts.

5. Is the publication fee mandatory and standard?

Yes, the publication fee is mandatory. It varies based on the article type and country. For Editorial/Reviewer board the publication fee can be negotiable.

6. What are required for being a member of Editorial/Reviewer board?

A short biography for adding in profile on website. A complete CV and a recent Photograph should be attached to the form before submitting.

7. Is there any limit for number of authors for a manuscript?

No limit for number of authors. All the authors who contributed for the research can be included.

8. What are the guidelines for submitting a manuscript?

The detailed instructions are mentioned in the Manuscript guideline. Kindy visit: Manuscript Guidelines

9. What are the guidelines for being a member in Editorial board?

Academic position and experience are the key factors.

10. What are the guidelines for being a member in Review board?

Academic position and experience are the key factors.

11. Is there any page limit for a manuscript?

The number of pages willdiffer based on type of the article. The maximum page limit:

For Research paper – 45 pages

For Review paper – 25 pages

For Case series – 8 pages

For Case report – 4 pages

12. What is the review process?

We follow the double-blinded peer-review process. For details kindly visit: Peer Review Process

13. How many days does it take to send a payment receipt to author?

After completion of payment the receipt can be send to the author in 2-3 business days through an email.

14. Is the published paper available without any subscription and can it be downloaded?

As Skeena Publisher is open access, the articles are available online and can be downloaded without any subscription fee.

15. Does the journal provide offprints/reprints?

The offprints/reprints of article can be sent only on request. The corresponding author should send an email regarding reprints and any additional details if the author wants to include in reprints.

16. What is the process of sending manuscript?

The manuscript can be sent online by filling a “Manuscript submission form”. In case of any technical issue, the author can directly mail the manuscript including the cover page to Submit Manuscript

17. Can I publish my article if it got rejected by Skeena or any other Publisher/Journal?

Yes, you can send it to Skeena Publisher. But we need a detailed reason(s) why it got rejected and after the changes made accordingly you can submit us at.