Reviewer Guidelines

  • Reviewer must provide proper review comments to the manuscript.
  • Reviewer should check whether the article related to journal or not
  • Maintain confidentiality and transparency.
  • Proof reading – checking content and grammatical mistakes/errors.
  • Check whether it is original article or not.
  • Reasons for acceptance or rejection
  • Recommend few suggestions to change the manuscript content to authors.
  • Reviewer should send the review comments within the time provided.
  • Reviewer must advice whether the article should be accepted or rejected or major/minor revision.
  • Reviewers are not to use the manuscript content or information for their own use.
  • Kindly respond within the time given for article and give comments in time if unable to review the article inform by an email.


  • Up-to-date information about the subject by reviewing the different research studies.
  • We will provide you certification for handling the specific journal.
  • The comments given to the respective manuscript are taken into consideration and based on the changes the final decision can be taken.
  • By adding the position as reviewer of a journal gives a good impact for the Academic Biography.
  • By adding your biography at journal website it links to other professionals of same research interest which may be an advantage of any research or academic collaborations.
  • The publication fee for the review board is negotiable.