Opinion articles are the author’s perspective on the strengths and weaknesses of a hypothesis in a research study. These opinion articles do not include unpublished or original data.

The page limit of the Opinion article is 5 – 6.

  1. Title of the manuscript, name and affiliations of authors and corresponding author contact details.

After each author name a number as superscription should be given and that number indicates the affiliation details.

For corresponding author both number and symbol (*) should be included.

Format: First author1*, Second author2, Third author3,…..

1Academic Position, Department, Institution, University, Country

2 Academic Position, Department, Institution, University, Country

3 Academic Position, Department, Institution, University, Country

*Correspondence to:

Full name

Academic Position



City – Postal code


Phone number –

Email ID – 

  • One paragraph not exceeding 150 words and it should provide a succinct summary of the article. Citations should not be used in the abstract. Keywords related to study should be 8-10.
  • Outline, Introduction, Current Opinion or methods and materials.
  • This should include innovative and original hypotheses, and discussion of published data. The analysis of proposed hypotheses and make sure your opinion should have a supporting document or reference.
  • Include if any tables, graphs, and figures with respective tittles should be included for easy understanding.
  • A brief background information about the results should be included. Both limitations and future directions of the study can be included.
  • The summary of the study which should include final result or findings, applications and hypotheses or purpose of the research.
  • Acknowledgment should be included in points.
  • Follow Vancouver style for references.


  • Standard journal article: Author(s) of article (surname initials). Title of article. Journal abbreviation Year of publication; volume number (issue number):page numbers
  • Books: Surname Initial(s). Book title. Edition – if available: Publisher, place of publication; Year.