Volume 2-Issue 1

Case Report

Follicular Lymphoma Involving Bilateral Ovaries following Routine Hysterectomy and Bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy: An Incidental Finding

Anoshia Afzal*, Michael Quinton, Umar Farooque, Bilal Ahmed Khan, Sepideh Asadbeigi, Shahbaz Khan

Research Article

Program Against Cancer in Zambia

El Hadji Seydou Mbaye*

Research Article

Transcriptomics and Cell Transformation Assay: an Integrated Approach to Evaluate the Effects of Low Dose Ionizing Radiation

Stefania Perdichizzi, Maria Grazia Mascolo, Francesca Rotondo, Monica Vaccari, Sandro Grilli and Annamaria Colacci*