Volume 3 – Issue 1

Research Article

Association of Physical and Psychological Factors with Physical Activity Levels in Adults with Celiac Disease

Anne Lee*, Rachel Longo, Molly Krause, Pat Zybert, Peter HR Green and Randi Wolf

Mini Review

Spices and Gut Microbiome-First Links

Robert Ehehalt* and Jürgen Stein

Case Report

Asymptomatic Pancreatic Insulinoma without Typical Radiologic Features in a Young Woman: A Case Report

Alessio Ortolani*, Francesco Ridolfi, Francesca Monaco, Silvia Tommasoni, Mariaelena Serio and Antonella Scarcelli

Research article

Acute Renal Failure during Cirrhosis: A Prospective Study in DAKAR

Alioune Badara Fall*, Manssour Mbengue, Marie Louise Bassene, Marieme Polele Fall, Salamata Diallo, Coumba Cisse, Tene Sidibe, Alsine Yauck, Mouhamed Sidibe and Nogaye Niang

Mini Review

H. pylori Infection: The Importance of Acid Suppression in Eradication Therapy

Gleicy Luz Reinoso Pereira* and Denise C P Vezozzo